Life Starts All Over Again When it Gets Crisp in the Fall

F. Scott Fitzgerald

What is it about the Autumn that makes it feel like such a new beginning? There are certain times of the year when I definitely feel more alive than others, and Autumn is one of them. Maybe it's because with all the colours and the beauty of the world around you being more apparent, it forces you into the moment and makes you appreciate the world and your life for what it is, right here, right now. You can't worry about the past or the future when you're too busy staring at the beauty all around you.

This past Friday I got a horrible cold. Saturday was spent on the sofa, wrapped up in blankets with just one trip to the market to pick up hot apple cider. Sunday was a day for fresh air and showing that cold who's in charge. There's nothing like a crisp breeze for cleaning out a stuffy head. Usually a cold makes me feel pretty low and a bit sad within myself, but not this time, and I blame in on the Fall.

Let's see if we can bring that warming summer feeling and the excitement and newness of the fall with us through to the darkest weeks of winter, shall we?

One Day :: I Will Have a Cake House, by Molly Yeh

One Day is a series where I invite people to talk about their hopes and dreams for the future. It's purpose is to uplift and inspire, and there are few people more uplifting that Molly...

I'm really excited to share today's One Day post because it comes from one of my favourite bloggers, Molly Yeh - have you read her blog? Because you really need to. To call it food porn would be a disservice, this is food art! She creates masterpieces, and her cakes are something to behold - a thing of beauty! Delicious, delicious beauty. That's not to say I wouldn't grab one with my grubby little hands in an instant and shove it greedily down my throat in some dark corner where no one would ask to share - I would. But also, Molly is just the most fun ever. Even email exchanges with this girl can give you the giggles, not to mention her blog posts which are always a guaranteed hoot. So much talent. So much cake. This girl is just wonderful. So here's her One Day post:


One day, i will take over the old workshop, the oldest building on our farm. It's home to the most magical natural light, it's heated with a wood stove, and i'm going to nail a sign above the door that says "cake house."

I will sit in my cake house all day and listen to opera and make cake, and when i've made too much, i'll erect a big neon sign at the end of our driveway that says "cake, this way" and people driving by can stop in for a slice and a spot of tea. I'll have a wall of sprinkles and a little craft corner where people can make their own cake toppers out of felt and ribbon.

It'll be the cutest. there will be a password to get in.

I would definitely be the first in line for cake when Molly's Cake House opens.

My Bridesmaids

Photo taken by my new brother in law (wow, first time I've said that!), Ryan. 

Photo taken by my new brother in law (wow, first time I've said that!), Ryan. 

Morgan :: Katie :: Eve :: Sara Jane

I'm so so very lucky to have these girls in my life. Not only because they're wonderful people, but also because they are my closest friends.They are also the best bridesmaids a girl could ever have - and I wouldn't be exaggerating when I said that the wedding would not have run so smoothly without them. Especially Morgan, my long time best girl and my maid of honour - that's her up front. When the morning of the wedding arrived with news that a tropical storm was due to hit the island that day, Morgan didn't even pause, she just got on with it - and part of it was holding me together.

And Katie of course, who has no judgement for me no matter what I tell her, and all the time in the world to talk if I need to. And Eve, who has always made sure I have a gin and tonic or a cup of tea handy whenever things get tough. And Sara Jane, who is my partner in crime, travel buddy, and all around most wonderful person. 

I couldn't have even started to tell the story of my wedding without mentioning these girls, and the wonderful job they did in pulling the day together, and keeping me on my feet.

I'm still waiting to get our official photos back, and I'm VERY excited to share those. But if you want an introduction into what the wedding day was all about, and to read Morgan's maid of honour speech, head on over to her blog to check it out!

From the Cutting Room Floor

Laughing at :: Molly. She so desperately needs a haircut. It's to the point where her hair is so long over her eyes that she walks into my knees on the regular, and can't see tennis balls when we throw them in the park - she runs in the opposite direction and it's hilarious and kind of a little bit sad.

Enjoying :: wearing my wedding ring on its own, without my engagement ring. There's something so wonderful about seeing that simple little band on my finger, and knowing it means so much.

Taking advantage of :: the fact that now we are married I can be as outlandish as I want without fear of rejection. I ask Adam to "please get me some pie please I would really like some pie please" at all kinds of ungodly hours, and even though he has yet to get me pie, he can't tell me to bugger off and really mean it. Being married is great. Especially for those who enjoy pie.

Craving :: this pumpkin cornbread from Spoon Fork Bacon. I love all things corn bread and this is something I have got to try as a matter of urgency!!

Working on :: my photography portfolio!! I promised myself it would be my first post-wedding project and I'm already underway with trying to purchase a domain name. Any suggestions? Or maybe just

Loving :: my new Madewell jumper and jeans I bough in New York. Wow their stuff is comfortable - please come to London? 

Looking forward to :: catching up with Rocio when she comes to London so soon! And meeting Maja for the first time in December, hopefully if our flights coincide!! There's nothing like blogging for bringing together soul-sisters. 

Hating :: having to have strong words with people. Twice lately I have had to confront someone in public about cutting in front of me when it comes to getting a table at a restaurant. Both times I had been waiting ages, and the first time I was responsible for sitting around 28 people. Both ladies were mean and I was shaking afterwards, but I did it and I won! And hated every minute of it. I am not down with confrontation. 

Wanting :: a new candle. I spotted one at the Such & Such pop-up shop on Brick Lane last night that I think needs to come home with me. Also, while we're dreaming, one of their beautiful blankets too.

Answering :: the question "are you taking Adam's last name" a lot. Nope, I'm not. I don't want to, at least not right now. And also I'm bad at admin and paperwork. Oh and also, he's absolutely fine with it.

Thoughts on Having a Destination Wedding

Here’s the thing with destination weddings: they’re incredible. I know all weddings are incredible, but to get married overseas and have all of your friends and family fly across oceans to be with you – that really means something.

When Adam and I sent out our invites, we sent them to I think around 120 people, expecting a wedding of about 40. We got 68! That was a shock to me because I didn’t think we would know that many people who would spend that kind of money to hang out in Bermuda with us for a whole week.

Having a destination wedding at a venue that is set up for weddings, like a resort, is one thing. But organising everything yourself to have a wedding at a house not set up for weddings? Well, let's just say we took on a bit much. We did not take the easy option, and when it comes to weddings, it's best to usually opt for easy.

But when we were actually in Bermuda and just spending time with friends, not planning anything and knowing that there wasn’t any more admin we could do that day, when we just got the chance to relax, it really hit me that everyone was there for us! Our friends and family spent their hard earned money, and precious holiday leave on us! 

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so cared about, and it was such a wonderful feeling. The realisation of what our friends and family had done for us hit me so many times that week, and each time it came as a shock. I’m so glad that we planned days at the beach, pub nights and BBQs to enjoy every moment with our friends and family.

And the day after the wedding, after the hurricane and blown past, when we all gathered to have brunch at the only café open on Front Street (even though their roof was leaking), it was so great to see people who hadn’t even met a week earlier, sitting around a table chatting like old friends. And later when our friends made a plan to meet that night, and hoped that they would actually see each other because no one had a working mobile phone or power of any kind, it made my heart so happy to see people forming friendships and organising events without Adam or I prompting. That night when we finally found a working wifi signal, everyone was adding each other on facebook, drinking dark and stormies, and wishing that the week didn’t have to end.

There’s nothing like a destination wedding for bringing people together. Instead of one night, you take a week or a few days to have lots of little parties and gatherings, people get comfortable enough to help out and take over some of the organisation, and it starts to feel more like summer camp than a grown up wedding. It may not have been the easiest choice, but I don't think Adam or I would have had it any other way.