Two days in Delhi.

I've been in Delhi only two days but feels like it's been about ten. India is such an all consuming country, it demands your attention every minute and there's no getting away from it - not a chance that you can think for one moment that you're somewhere else. Lucky for me that I love it so much, otherwise I think I would be about ready to head home. Although I could do without the 40 degree heat!

I'm about to run out the door and catch a night train to Lucknow - this will be my first train ride in India and I'm nervous and excited. I've heard so many amazing stories and a few scary ones. To be honest, with my jetlag not allowing me to sleep combined with a few 4am starts, I'm quite looking forward to ten hours uninterrupted sleep! If I'm lucky.

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Snapchat Travels in India.

Tomorrow evening I will be on my way to the airport and getting ready to fly to India for work! But this time I'm excited to share my travels with you in a whole new way. Some of the most frequent questions I get asked here on Nishaantishu revolve around my job and working as a photographer for an international charity - and now I can share with you exactly what I do and what it's like, direct from the field!


I've been using Snapchat for a  few weeks now and it took me a while to get the hang of it, but now that I know what I'm doing (sort of), I'm excited to use it as a video diary for my trip.

I'll also try to blog about my travels over the next two weeks but it may be a bit less frequent than usual.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you on Snapchat :)

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How to make chai tea.

Guess where I’m traveling to this weekend! It’s not a secret, if you follow me on Instagram my profile completely gives it away. But if you need even more of a hint, this recipe might help.

I love chai, especially when it’s really spicy. It warms me up, peps me up, and tastes so delicious – there’s nothing else like it.

Dishoom is hands down my favourite place in London for brunch and their chai is beyond delicious. I usually average three cups in about an hour, but my record is five in an hour and a half. I’m completely addicted, but it’s bottomless so what choice do I have!?

Eventually I realised that if I was going to feed my chai habit I wouldn’t be able to rely on Dishoom, if I could move in I would but I can’t so it was up to me to make my own chai.

Everything about making chai is seasoned to taste, I can tell you the spices to use but it takes a lot of experimentation to come up with your perfect combination so just keep trying until you figure out what works for you. Here’s the way I like it:

- One mug of fresh whole milk.

- One half a mug of water.

- Some black tea leaves or a tea bag, I used a teaspoon and a half of Darjeeling 2nd flush sent to me by JING.

- One teaspoon of black peppercorns.

- A finger length of cinnamon bark (don’t use the powder).

- A thumb sized piece of ginger sliced finely.

- Five cardamom pods.

- Five whole cloves

- Two teaspoons of brown sugar, or one and a half of agave.

Warm your milk through gently and add all your ingredients but the sugar. Turn up the heat a little until it’s all steaming, then turn it down so that it is steaming but not bubbling. If it gets so hot that it bubbles, it can burn the milk.

Leave it warming on a low heat for 20-25 minutes or until the flavour comes through as strong as you like it, then strain into your mug and discard the spices. Add the sugar and stir until it's mixed in.

Best enjoyed in peace and quiet, watching the world go by.

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The secret to having it all is knowing you already do.

I wish I could press re-set on this weekend and do the whole thing over again from start to finish. It was just about perfect in every way – dinner with friends, brunch at the Market Cafe, flowers, skype dates, watching movies and doing nothing. Adam made me grilled cheese sandwiches and I made a delicious tomato soup last night. All in all it was pretty great – apart from one thing, not enough sleep!

I have some big photography projects coming up and lately I have been dreaming that I forget how to use my camera. On Sunday morning I woke up from that same dream and wandered out into the garden with a cup of tea to clear my head. The weather this weekend was just so wonderful and the sunshine worked beautifully to brush away the bad dreams, and Molly sat by my side to keep me company.

It feels like this week is the last week before the rest of spring and then summer starts to fly by, like I’m just about to jump on one of those moving pavements at the airport but it’s going a million miles an hour and before I know it I’ll have arrived at Christmas again. Isn’t it scary how quickly life can fly by? I’m exciting for all the upcoming trips and adventures, and I can’t wait to post about them!

But part of me always loves a simple catch up like this. Just a quiet weekend with the people I love, in a part of the world I love most. Soon I’ll be on a plane and working working working, editing, working, worrying, car time, screen time, waiting then rushing. It’s all highs and lows, feeling on top of the world and then having a crisis of confidence. There’s very little consistency and not much peace in living a fast paced life – unless of course you make your own peace.

It’s a lifelong project for us all I guess, finding some peace. And we already have it! I mean, it’s there within us all the time, but sometimes it just takes a little time in a quiet place to clear away enough clutter to get to it.

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Just a Moment :: Twenty Seven

It feels like forever ago that I just wrote about life, you know? Like, what I'm doing, what I'm planning, the ordinary stuff that isn't always post-worthy but is the reality of what I get up to. I love these Just a Moment posts for getting a bit more personal, but I wonder if maybe I should make a general catch-up post more of a fixed feature here on Nishaantishu? Something to think about... Anyway, for the time being, here are a few moments from the past few weeks that have made me extra happy:

1. Molly as always with her cute little face. But don't let that fool you! She can be so cheeky and a little bit naughty. When I call her in the park to come home, she knows what's going on and starts running towards me, stops five feet short, and trots off in a different direction. Only my super-stern voice gets her back and she walks at a snails pace those last few feet. Moody little...

2. Meeting Teddy (Rosie's dog) a few weeks ago, he was just as cute and just as wiggly as I hoped he would be. And he's so well behaved! Molly, take some notes.

3. Photo shoots in the park with Tania. I love love love that we have light in the evenings now. It means I can work and come home and still have time to take some photos. I can tell it's going to be a summer of photo shoots and I CAN'T WAIT!

4. This light. It's been storming on and off so much lately that occasionally the clouds will clear and the sun will peek through only to be engulfed again. I saw the light poking through on my way to the shower last week, and the next thing I knew, Adam had come home to find me perched by the window in my towel with my camera waiting for that light to appear again. Ok now that I write all that down I realise how crazy it sounds...

5. Our garden is at its best in the spring time. First the magnolia tree, then the wisteria bloom. The newts in the pond, the birds nesting in our back door, us having coffee in the mornings out back in the pagoda. I don't think many houses in London have such a beautiful view, and it's mostly in the spring that I'm reminded of how lucky we are to be able to spend time here.

That's it for now! I've got some fun news to share with you next Friday so keep a look out and have a wonderful weekend!

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