The Wedding and the Hurricane

We're married!!!!

It was a wild and crazy adventure trying to pull off a wedding in Bermuda, and it didn't unfold as we thought it would - Mother Nature had other plans. With a hurricane on its way we had to improvise and for so many reasons, it all turned out so much better. I can't wait to share the story in full, because it's a good one, but for now we're honeymooning in New York and trying to organise new flights home thanks to ANOTHER hurricane. But we're married, and no matter how crazy all the other stories are turning out to be, that really is the most exciting news I can tell you. 

Photo by Rory Wylie  

Keeping My Head

I arrived a few days ago in Bermuda and have slowly been adjusting to the heat and the time difference. It's been lovely so far and it's always nice to be back on the island, and to finally be getting ready for the wedding. It feels like we've been waiting for this forever!

Getting married in paradise is wonderful, but a wedding is stressful no matter what the location. I'm trying to make sure I do a few things each day that are helping me keep my head.

My Grandparent's house has some pretty amazing views over the creek so I'm making sure to get in some yoga by the ocean whenever I can - followed by a swim in the creek to cool off. 

My mum also has me hooked on this smoothie she's been drinking lately, it's absolutely delicious:

- blueberries

- spinach

- greek yogurt

- flax seed

- a splash of water

- a splash of milk

It may not sound that exciting, but it sets you up for the day like nothing else. That, an apple and a couple of coffees and I've had enough energy for all the admin that needs doing.  

Daily trips to the beach! That's a must. Even if it's just a quick visit between appointments with the florists and the caterers, taking just a moment to play in the waves is wonderful. I swear the ocean had healing powers.  

Taking some time to get my camera out. I've figured out that the two things that make me happiest and keep me calm are yoga, and taking some photos. It seems like an odd combination even to me, but whatever works, right?

These are the thinks keeping me calm in the days running up to the wedding - I just hope I can keep making the time for them!  

An Engagement Shoot With Rory Wylie


Today is finally the day where I feel like it's all about to start. I'm sitting in Gatwick, clutching my Pret coffee and waiting to board my flight. Once I land in Bermuda it's going to be non-stop wedding party time until a week on Saturday, then it'll be just one big wedding party! Adam arrives this Saturday and after that it's going to be hard not to get swept up in the whole thing, and before we know it it'll be over. 

Some weeks ago I realised that when I look back to the short time when Adam and I were engaged, I wouldn't want to remember it as just the time where we were planning, managing a budget, and trying really hard to get ready for a wedding. It's been so much more than that. 

Preparing yourself to commit the rest of your life to someone isn't something to be overlooked. It's kind if a big deal, you know? This year has been full of conversations about our future. What we want out of life, where those wants match up and where we both need to make compromises. We both know that plans don't always go the way you expect, but it's been fun to daydream about what kind of future we want together. And of course we talked about that before we even got engaged, but it seems a whole lot more real when you're about to get married.  

To remember this time we decided to book an engagement shoot with Rory Wylie, a really amazing photographer who has shot some beautiful weddings. Acting all loved up while someone points a camera at you isn't easy. Not at all. But Rory made it seem like no big deal. In the time from when you first meet her to the point at which she begins taking pictures, without you even realising it, she makes you feel like you're being photographed by an old friend. She is so friendly and so relaxed herself that it's almost contagious. It's evident her priority is getting a good shoot, and she works really hard to achieve that no matter what silly positions she needs to get herself into. Having spent many hours rolling around in the dirt in some far flung place to get a good shot - it's a mark of a good photographer in my opinion, but I am most definitely biased ;-)

Now that I'm about to board my flight, I look back on these photos and I am so glad we made the effort to do this. It's been hard to find a spare moment lately, but I'm glad we found the time to capture the essence of this past year.  

Ok, gotta go get married. See you soon! 

Flat White With a Twist

So, remember when I said I was giving up coffee? Yea well that didn't last long. Turns out I just love it too much! I'll go into that more in another post, but today I wanted to share with you my secret to a really delicious coffee. 

Last week a new coffee maker arrived on our doorstep. I was pretty excited about getting to use the ROK for the first time, but Adam was just beside himself. I had only just started to unwrap it and he was already getting out the coffee grounds saying, "can I give it a go? I'll read the instructions! I've heard you can make amazing coffees with this thing! Do you want a coffee? It's ok if I use it, right?"

And I thought I was bad...

When the weekend finally rolled around, Adam went on his stag do (bachelor party), and I had the house to myself. I made no plans, got a brand new book, and made making a good coffee the first order of the day. I also ended the day with a lovely dinner, Molly cuddles on the sofa and an episode of Midsomer Murders - I'm not even going to try and apologise for how much I love that show. 

But coffee first. Always coffee first. I love a really strong, but milky coffee - it's a hard balance to strike because lattes are always a bit weak, while something like a macchiato is just never milky enough. That's why I opt for a flat white whenever I can, yet even then I always find myself wishing it could have a little more milk, a little more... something.

Long ago I discovered the secret ingredient.

So Saturday morning, I woke up, let the dog out, and got ready to make myself my perfect coffee. I squeezed myself out a strong espresso, steamed and frothed some milk, and then just before I added it, I stirred in a tablespoonful of condensed milk. That's the secret.

I know coffee aficionados around the world will probably shudder at what I'm calling a flat white, but sometimes I like to play at being my own barista at home, and this barista says that a spoonful of condensed milk in coffee is just the thing. It's indulgent without being sickly, it's like a spoonful of dulce de leche without being too thick and sweet, it's just glorious.

Give it a try. I know you'll love it!

We got our ROK Original Espresso Maker from Selfridges who kindly sent it to us to try out. And I have to say I really do love it - needless to say Adam does too. I've never attempted to make my own espresso before, but this was quick and easy and I just can't knock it. 

lover of the light

I sure do love this weather. Just the right combination of warm and chilly, perfect jumper weather. Heavy rain and thunder storms leave the sky clear and the light all clean and bright, just the way I like it - but obviously my windows need a clean. Cloudy skies and wet weather meaning the only reasonable option is to stay indoors and eat blueberry jam on toast.

This kind of weather is cuddle weather. As much as I love summer, it makes cuddling difficult - but these days Adam, Molly and I can all just pile on the sofa and there's little chance of us all over-heating. And to make matters even better, it's soup weather which really just means pho weather.

There are conkers on the ground everywhere and the air smells damp and fresh. The wool blankets are out of the cupboard and living on the sofa, just in case someone needs a little extra warmth in the evenings. Bed socks. Warm pajamas. All the good things.

This weekend was the perfect combination of London fun and home comforts, of rainy mornings and golden evenings. We went to mexican wrestling on Friday night (which was amazing by the way and I can't wait to go back next month), brunch and then dancing till the early hours on Saturday to celebrate a friends 30th, and a pajama day on Sunday with a 9am bedtime and an episode of Midsomer Murders. 

How was your weekend?