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10 Ways to Let Someone Know You Love them

When it comes to relationships, it's easy to toss out a 'love you' every once in a while. But eventually, that starts to lose meaning unless you back up those words with actions that really show you are truly present, and care. Here are a few ideas for letting someone know you love them.

1. Go out and buy ingredients to make them their favourite breakfast.

2. Keep a list on your phone of things they mention that they really want, then make sure you pick up a few items from that list on a special occasion. Or just because.

3. Listen when they talk, don't try to solve all their problems unless you really have a solution, and don't try to turn the conversation back to you. 

4. Learn to care about the things that they care about.

5. Pick them up some flowers, or a beer, or their favourite pie - do this once a month.

6. Give them a good bite of your pizza when they ask, not just a bit that's mostly crust - just don't be tight with sharing.

7. Respect their desire to try new things, and if you think it's just a phase, keep that to yourself. Always be encouraging.

8. When it seems the most difficult, put yourself in their shoes.

9. Be bothered to fight with them, don't just say "I'm sorry" to put an end to it, only to keep making the same mistake. 

10. Don't tell them you care, show them.

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