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Budapest by Twilight

The main purpose for this trip to Budapest was to relax. After such a frantic year, my friend Agata and I decided to hop on a flight to Hungary to visit the baths, something that Budapest is famous for.

I’d been to the city before and loved it, so I was really looking forward to going back. It’s such a beautiful, atmospheric place, and very easy to travel in. And it’s pretty cheap, so it's a great place to pop over to just for a long weekend.

As the sun was setting one evening we took a walk around the city, picked up some mulled wine and headed along the Danube to the houses of parliament.

We stayed in an airbnb rental and spent a lot of the weekend in the Spa, which really is nothing fancy, but the combination of a few heated pools and a steam room can do wonders for lifting the spirits. 

A whole weekend soaking in thermal waters is my only excuse for not taking many daylight photographs. And as one charming person said to me the other day, "Budapest is an awfully long way to go for a bath...". Well, yes that's true. But what a bath!

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