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These Girls

A few nights ago Tania, Rosie and I (and dear Lizzie of course) got together for the last time before Tania goes away to Australia for a year. We had some winter cocktails at a bar near the South Bank before heading in search of the closes Byron for a burger.

Over the past few months these girls and I have become so close. We went from only knowing each other through our blogs, to talking nearly every day about anything and everything.

These girls are such an inspration. It's impossible to walk away from a conversation with them without feeling full of hope and happiness. They have so much ambition, so many plans for the future and so much excitement for what's to come. It's infectious, and I'm not sure how I ever managed without them!

We're already making plans to grow into old granny bloggers together, but until then I'm just looking forward to the day when we are all in the same country again, laughing over burgers and blogging, over-sharing and talking about how bright the future is. 

Thank goodness for friends like these. Love these girls. 

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