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Chanctonbury Ring: Where Molly Has the Time of Her Life and We Nearly Get Blown Away

coat from Barbour - headband from Jack Wills - wellies from Hunter

This past holiday was not the first time we have attempted Chantonbury Ring on the South Downs. The first time we were too late and nearly lost our way in the dark. This time we nearly got blown away!

I love long walks out in the country, but who doesn't? I think I would do a lot more exercise if I could spend more time out of doors during the day, in the rain and the wind, feeling like I was really accomplishing something when trekking up hill for two miles.

How do you combine a nine to five office job in the city with a love for the outdoors? If not for my sake, or Adam's, but for Molly's. I don't think I have ever seen her so happy.

I think that's what the rest of the winter is all about until the spring comes again. It's freezing and grey, but it's bracing and nothing makes you feel more alive than getting out of the confines of your house to stretch yourself outside. It really feels like summer is the time for growing and changing, and winter is the time for stretching and taking stock - making sure you're filling up all the corners with as much life as possible. 

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