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Traveling from Village to Village

I always forget how tiring these trips for work can be. I get so caught up in the excitement of filming and project planning, and I forget about the seventeen hour work days, exhaustion and sickness. It's all so worth it though, and these once in a life time experiences combined with a crazy love for my job keep me coming back.

Often we try to visit two to three sites in one day before focusing on one as a filming location. I managed to take a few photos on one of these scoping days in between the footage I have been gathering for work. India is just the most photogenic and humbling place I have ever visited - it is extreme in every way. It is so beautiful and so harsh, there is incredible kindness here and yet at the same time life seems to be incredibly unforgiving for some. 

My work is done now and I have ten days in India with family before flying to Pakistan for work again. It's been such a wonderful challenge to try and capture all that I've seen. I haven't let go of my camera for a second and I have so much more to share. I hope you don't get tired of photos from India!  

They Steal My Heart Every Time

A Misty Morning in Delhi