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As We Move Forward

One night while in Sussex I was alone in our cottage with only Molly and the rain for company. It had been a torrential downpour all day and while I was happy to read, Molly really needed a walk. So when it finally stopped I chucked on my wellies and oilskin and ran out with her to the downs.

It was New Year’s Eve and it was nice to take some time on my own and reflect on the year ahead. As I sloshed through the mud I worked hard to imprint a positive and confident feeling in my mind, plant roots and make sure that feeling stays put for 2014 and beyond.

My mind is buzzing with changes that I want to make. Ways in which I want to develop this blog, my career, and life in general. But change will come in time and there's no forcing the process - well there is but I've learned that's never a very good idea. 

I'm excited for what's ahead, and to move forward.

P.s. Is there anything you would like to see on Nishaantishu in 2014? Something you would like to see more of or  hear more about?xx

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