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Just a Moment (is back!) - eighteen

Just a moment is back! I took a bit of a break from this series because it felt a bit forced to come up with five moments a week to mention, something about the routine of it didn't seem right because really great, spontaneous moments don't make a habit of working to a schedule. So I'm going to continue to collect moments to post about, but it may not happen on a weekly basis.

Here have been some really great moments over the past few months...

Poor Molly-loo, she is getting a lot of baths these days since all this rain has turned everything to mud. She's so good about taking baths, but her rather pained expression shows how she really feels.

We went through a phase of eating kale chips almost every night. We tried every topping from bbq to honey and soy sauce - in the end we decided that brown sugar and flaked sea salt is the best.

My friend Eve (right) and I took a day off to spend the day with Emily (left) because we thought she could do with some cheering up. We had a wonderful day hanging out in St Albans, having tea, shopping, and stopping off for some mulled wine before heading home.

These girls: they gathered together to sing in Broadway Market and were so shy and awkward in a really cute way. And they really could sing! I don't think they were doing it to collect money or anything, just for the fun of it.

This sweet little puppy was jumping all over the place on Columbia Road at the flower market, trying to sniff everything all at once. It makes me wish I knew Molly as a puppy, I bet she was a shy little puff-ball.

I can't believe I get to marry a man who takes me out, buys me flowers and a pint. It definitely makes me feel like I'm winning.

We've been buying our bread from E5 Bakehouse almost every weekend for the past few months. We only just discovered the place and we are addicted to their Hackney Wild loaf! Also loving my new Brat&Suzie leggings sent to me by Surfdome.

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