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Thoughts on Having a Destination Wedding

Here’s the thing with destination weddings: they’re incredible. I know all weddings are incredible, but to get married overseas and have all of your friends and family fly across oceans to be with you – that really means something.

When Adam and I sent out our invites, we sent them to I think around 120 people, expecting a wedding of about 40. We got 68! That was a shock to me because I didn’t think we would know that many people who would spend that kind of money to hang out in Bermuda with us for a whole week.

Having a destination wedding at a venue that is set up for weddings, like a resort, is one thing. But organising everything yourself to have a wedding at a house not set up for weddings? Well, let's just say we took on a bit much. We did not take the easy option, and when it comes to weddings, it's best to usually opt for easy.

But when we were actually in Bermuda and just spending time with friends, not planning anything and knowing that there wasn’t any more admin we could do that day, when we just got the chance to relax, it really hit me that everyone was there for us! Our friends and family spent their hard earned money, and precious holiday leave on us! 

I don’t think I’ve ever felt so cared about, and it was such a wonderful feeling. The realisation of what our friends and family had done for us hit me so many times that week, and each time it came as a shock. I’m so glad that we planned days at the beach, pub nights and BBQs to enjoy every moment with our friends and family.

And the day after the wedding, after the hurricane and blown past, when we all gathered to have brunch at the only café open on Front Street (even though their roof was leaking), it was so great to see people who hadn’t even met a week earlier, sitting around a table chatting like old friends. And later when our friends made a plan to meet that night, and hoped that they would actually see each other because no one had a working mobile phone or power of any kind, it made my heart so happy to see people forming friendships and organising events without Adam or I prompting. That night when we finally found a working wifi signal, everyone was adding each other on facebook, drinking dark and stormies, and wishing that the week didn’t have to end.

There’s nothing like a destination wedding for bringing people together. Instead of one night, you take a week or a few days to have lots of little parties and gatherings, people get comfortable enough to help out and take over some of the organisation, and it starts to feel more like summer camp than a grown up wedding. It may not have been the easiest choice, but I don't think Adam or I would have had it any other way.

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