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One Day :: I Will Have a Cake House, by Molly Yeh

One Day is a series where I invite people to talk about their hopes and dreams for the future. It's purpose is to uplift and inspire, and there are few people more uplifting that Molly...

I'm really excited to share today's One Day post because it comes from one of my favourite bloggers, Molly Yeh - have you read her blog? Because you really need to. To call it food porn would be a disservice, this is food art! She creates masterpieces, and her cakes are something to behold - a thing of beauty! Delicious, delicious beauty. That's not to say I wouldn't grab one with my grubby little hands in an instant and shove it greedily down my throat in some dark corner where no one would ask to share - I would. But also, Molly is just the most fun ever. Even email exchanges with this girl can give you the giggles, not to mention her blog posts which are always a guaranteed hoot. So much talent. So much cake. This girl is just wonderful. So here's her One Day post:


One day, i will take over the old workshop, the oldest building on our farm. It's home to the most magical natural light, it's heated with a wood stove, and i'm going to nail a sign above the door that says "cake house."

I will sit in my cake house all day and listen to opera and make cake, and when i've made too much, i'll erect a big neon sign at the end of our driveway that says "cake, this way" and people driving by can stop in for a slice and a spot of tea. I'll have a wall of sprinkles and a little craft corner where people can make their own cake toppers out of felt and ribbon.

It'll be the cutest. there will be a password to get in.

I would definitely be the first in line for cake when Molly's Cake House opens.


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