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Four :: Maison Premiere, Brooklyn

I wanted to blog about Maison Premiere separately from the other New York posts because it was simply too delicious not to stand on its own.

Adam and I first heard about this restaurant when we were standing in a pub in East London waiting for some friends who were running late. We headed to the bar and I ordered some drinks and started chatting to the girl behind me - she heard my accent and thought I was American. It turns out she lives in Brooklyn and when I mentioned we would be there in a few weeks for our honeymoon, she said we absolutely had to try Maison Premiere.

Now, I come from a family of seafood lovers, and I do love it too, but I've never been able to manage raw fish. Adam loves oysters though and I'm always up for giving them a go and seeing if I've changed my mind, so we headed out into the rain to see if we could get a table.

When we walked in the first thing we noticed was the gorgeous decor and the buzzing atmosphere. Most people were seated at the bar but we opted to sit in the back where it was a little quieter and it felt like we were seated outdoors in a beautiful garden. The rain was pounding on the roof, there were lights and vines dangling everywhere and it was all just a little bit magical. 

The oyster menu starts from east coast and travels to the west with its different varieties, and you just check off the ones you prefer - I don't think I've ever mentioned before but I do love a do-it-yourself check off menu. Anyway, similar to my previously mentioned vodka situation, I don't know enough about oysters to have an opinion. So we opted for the selection of the freshest oysters they had and let the kitchen choose for us. 

I can now say for certainty that I do like oysters, but only certain kinds. I'm definitely more of an east coast girl when it comes to US oysters, I prefer them to be small and sweet with just a squeeze of lemon instead of big, meaty and very salty. We also had some scallops and a few other warm dishes, and finished off with some cocktails - I had a dark and stormy to remind me of Bermuda and Adam had something called an Obituary, I don't know what was in it but it was aptly named and more than a little bit lethal.

If you ever find yourself between South 1st and Grand Street in Brooklyn, give yourself a treat and visit Maison Premiere!

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