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Life Lately :: December Edition

hat co. Brora :: jumper from Madewell

I think it's about time for a general life catch up, don't you? We only have one week and two days left of work before we're off for Christmas! And goodness do I need a holiday. This time of year is always so much fun, with the parties and celebrations, there's something new to do almost every night. The thing is though, I'm not a big drinker and can suffer terribly from even one glass of wine - so by the end of every week this month I have flopped into bed face first and announced I would not be moving unless the building catches fire. At this rate I may just sleep through Christmas! But in other news, here are just a few things from life lately...

Loving :: my beautiful new hat from Brora. I haven't taken it off for days! I was invited to Brora's press event last week and I loved hearing about how thoroughly homegrown and British they are, and how much passion and creativity goes into their brand! In these times of mass production, it's nice to come across a brand that is maintaining some integrity.

Learning :: the art of lifestyle photography from Marte Marie Forsberg! She's posted a free online class on Skillshare which I really enjoyed. It's always such a treat to be able to crawl inside the mind of a photographer I really love.

Feeling :: warm! Thanks to Adam we now have heat in our bathroom where we never did before. Tooth-brushing in the morning now no longer feels like a trek across the arctic!

Starting :: my Christmas shopping rather late. Whoops!

Packing :: for Toronto! Bring on a Christmas in minus temperatures (that will make my previously unheated bathroom feel like a trip to a tropical paradise). All I can say is there better be snow!

Getting :: my yoga groove back. I've been to a couple of classes and it hurts but my body luckily hasn't forgotten all the strength and flexibility it learned over the summer.

Eating :: clementines. That should read binge-eating, actually. But they are the most delicious Christmassy snack, am I right?

Debating :: chopping all my hair off. What do you think of this style?

Discovering :: that I love jalapenos! Especially in macaroni and cheese - so much heat, so much deliciousness.

Saving :: up for a brand new camera and lens. With me about to publish my portfolio and hoping that people like my skills enough to hire me, I need to get a little more professional with my kit. It's time. 

Needing :: to give Molly a bath. She's so muddy and she knows it - so she's giving me her best orphan eyes at every opportunity, hoping I won't shove her in the shower and give her the shampooing of a lifetime.

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