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Just a Moment :: Twenty Four

1:: Christmas tree shopping!!! I always wish we could spend more time inspecting the trees, it used to take us hours to pick one when I was little, these days I feel a bit silly taking too much time to look for the 'perfect tree'. But we always manage to come home with a good one anyway.

2:: Molly does this every time we leave the house - don't leave me! Also, somehow, this year our Christmas tree lights don't match and it's really bothering me - you may or may not be able to see them in the background.

3:: Bacon!!!

4:: I'm all about the apple and pear mixes these days. Juice, crumble, whatever - i'm eating it!

Other exciting things

:: Tahini in hot chocolate? How amazing does that sound?

:: Tania will be landing back in England any moment now after a YEAR of being away. Can't. Hardly. Wait.

:: I've been finding a lot of peace in my Pinterest boards lately, which means lots and lots of new pins - it still seems weird to me how inspiring sorting a bunch of beautiful photos can be, but for whatever reason, they make me happy.

:: Making plans for this years travel adventures with Adam. Nothing in the world makes me happier, fills my heart with joy, near on makes me burst with excitement, than traveling with him.

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