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Words to Live by in 2015

Ok, well that was a wholly unplanned break from blogging! Sorry for the radio silence around these parts for the last two weeks, but I had a very unexpected and unplanned Christmas break. While that’s a story for another post, I wanted to mark the glorious fresh start that is this New Year with a few words to live by.

I have no idea what this year will hold. There are one or two plans on the horizon but for the most part I will be sitting back and waiting to see what’s going to happen. Part of me is excited to have the option to take opportunities that come my way, and part of me is always scared that nothing will actually come my way! But, my life has always been full of unexpected twists and turns so I have no doubt that exciting adventures will always be just around the corner.

The choices I will be making this year will mostly be health related with one or two personal development plans thrown in for good measure. Each of these phrases relates to each of my goals, but I think in general they are good words to live by…

Elisabeth Elliot

1 :: I’ve been developing some exciting plans around my photography work, but as with all plans that mean a lot to me, I’m likely to throw my hands in the air and just forget about it with thoughts like “it’s never going to work out anyway.” I’m getting really good at brushing past negative thoughts!

2 :: I’m always working on de-cluttering and owning less, but this year I’m going to get ruthless! I’ve already started and our flat is looking a lot more organised, but goodness do I own a lot of crap.

Joss Whedon

3 :: You know the fear you get after a night out, and you feel so awful about all the stuff you said while you were drunk? Well, I get the fear all the time, whether I’ve been drinking or not. So this year I’m working on brushing past those thoughts and embracing my weirdness – it’s probably not as bad as I think anyway. These things never are.

The Becoming

4 :: Getting healthy is going to take a long time, it’s going to be a slow process, and it’s going to be frustrating. I like to jump to the end, see immediate results, and tick things off lists. These concepts and changing the way I've treated my body for my entire life do not go hand in hand. Easy does it is what I’m going for this year. Wish me luck!

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