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Inside the Shish Mahal at Agra Fort

Hello from Lahore, Pakistan! Sorry posting has been quite sporadic around here lately. I've been so busy with work, then I took a week holiday in Jaipur, and now I'm back to traveling for work again but this time in Pakistan. I've been so all over the place that I quite frequently have to be reminded what day it is! But here's a post from the start of my holiday in India...

After working in Delhi for a week I went to visit family in Jaipur. On our way we stopped off in Agra for a few days to visit the Taj and have a look around the famous city. I love to visit monuments and see all the popular tourist spots when I can, but I find them a bit hard to photograph. We visited the Agra Fort and I did try to take photos, but I just couldn't seem to find an angle that I haven't seen shot before.

That is until we came across the Glass Palace, or Shish Mahal. It's closed to tourists but because this is India, everything is available for the right price - and when our guide offered to help us find a way in, we agreed. It felt like an adventure, even though I'm sure he does this for all the tourists that come his way.

The Shish Mahal was the royal bath house at the Agra Fort. It doesn't let in any natural light so you have to light candles to see all of the mirrors scattered across the walls and ceiling. It really is beautiful in there and if I ever become a millionaire I'll build myself a bath house just like it. I did have more photos to share but the patchy internet here has decided that four is enough...

Even though it was only last week that I was in Agra, it feels like ages ago. I'm coming to the end of my trip now and I have one day left in Pakistan before I fly back to London. I have taken LOADS of photos though and I can't wait to share my whole trip with you, one blog post at a time. I sure do hope you like travel posts!

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