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Settling Back In

London - Delhi - Jaipur - Dubai - Lahore - Doha - London. It's been a looooong trip and I am certainly glad to be home. I was sad to leave India because I absolutely loved it, but Lahore was hard (work wise, lots of sad animals) and I had an even harder time getting out of Pakistan. So by the time I arrived back in London I was very ready to be at home, with Adam and Molly, sitting on my own sofa and sleeping in my own bed. 

On my last night in Lahore Adam sent me a message and said he had a surprise waiting for me at home. When I finally walked in the door I couldn't believe it, he had built me the best tent fort I have ever seen - and I've built some pretty amazing tent forts in my life. We've spent most of the weekend in the fort, all three of us, eating the wonderful chocolates sent to me by Lindt just in time for Valentine's Day and watching movies. Adam also bought us some "tent records" to play on the record player I got him for Christmas, an album by The Staves and another by Van Morrison. 

We took a quick trip to the flower market and got some tuboroses which are my one of my favourite flowers, and some beautiful tulips which I guess are in season because they're everywhere. And also, after three weeks of eating hotel food I can't tell you how amazing it was to go to Whole Foods and buy things like salad and stuff to cook simple foods like eggs and soldiers, or tomato soup. 

It's been a wonderful, settling weekend and has made me feel so happy to come back to my every day life. I live for travel, but home really does make my heart happy. 

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