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I think life can be pretty tough for most people these days, there's something about a modern life living in a city that seems more than a little unnatural. A lot of us are stuck in an office nine to five, breathing recycled air and putting up with a pretty awful commute. One day I dream of this no longer being the case (that's another post altogether) but until then I try to make an effort to take care of myself, while pushing my body and my brain to work work work. 

Here are a few things I've been doing lately to keep my mind and body healthy, and my heart happy:

>> One of my New Years resolutions this year was to tell myself ten things I enjoyed about my day every night before I go to sleep. It can include things I did well, things that made me happy, whatever really, as long as it's positive. It ends the day on a positive note even if it's been not such a positive day and this has done amazing things for making me a more positive person.

>> I noticed in India that (over-share alert!!) I got a little spotty after about my fourth day there and I worked out that it was the amount of dairy I was consuming. In India they generally drink buffalo milk instead of cow milk and this is ten times richer, it makes for a lovely coffee but it wreaked havoc on my skin. I decided when I got back I would cut down on the amount of milk and cheese I consume, and my skin has cleared up within a week! 

>> If I'm honest, I'm not that great at drinking water. I just don't like it! I hardly ever feel thirsty and I find it's just boring to drink. I know I need to drink more though, so I've started drinking an entire pot of herbal tea to myself in the evening. My teapot is about 1.5 liters, and I'll usually go for a mint or camomile blend, something soothing to wind down the day. Herbal tea is basically like flavored water, right? Win!

>> I've cut sugar out of my coffee and tea. Most people say sugar isn't good for you and I found that I could easily lose it from the two to three cups of (caffeinated) tea or coffee I was having in a day. I can't say I've felt any benefit from doing this, but I know it's doing me good and quite frankly I don't miss it - I actually prefer it!

>> I'm making plans to do something I've always wanted to do, as something to look forward to when my brain is being numbed my the drone of the number 100 bus. I really want to go on a Japanese cooking course, not one the focuses on sushi but more something that teaches you how to make every day japanese food. I've found a couple that I like the look of but I've not booked anything yet. 

What have you been doing lately to improve your overall wellbeing? I'm always looking for new ideas.

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