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Missing India

I've been really missing India a lot this week. I miss the sunshine and the colour, the friendly people and the excitement. I know we can't all be traveling all the time, I have friends who travel for work six months of the year and I don't think I could handle that, but two weeks back in the office and I'm already starting to feel it. I think it's just being indoors too long, and I think I'm also better suited to warmer climates. But who isn't, right? This is nothing new. Everyone prefers traveling, no one likes sitting in an office, and no one likes being cold. Get it together, Freya.

But just look at how beautiful India is, who could blame me for missing it? These are a few shots from monuments around Jaipur. The Wind Palace, the Amer Fort, and the City Palace. It's easy to see why they call Jaipur the Pink City, isn't it?

I have a feeling I'll be back visiting India soon enough, it just seems like one of those countries that, once it gets it's hands in you, it doesn't easily let go.  

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