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They Steal My Heart Every Time

I'm sorry for overdoing it on the selfies - are they still selfies if someone else takes the photo? Anyway, every time I come overseas for work my heart breaks for all the overworked animals - especially the horses. 

This poor girl was so thin and so sore - you can see how her hip bones stick out and you can count every rib. What you can't see is how she's only got three working legs, her back left can't touch the ground. I'm not a vet, but my experiences with horses suggests this is an injury that won't heal. I nearly included a photo of her whole body, but I don't think anyone needs more proof of how hard life can be for every living thing trying to earn enough just to eat.

I'm a little tougher than I was when I first started my job, but even my friends who have been working with these animals for years rarely make it through a day without having to take some time to themselves to cry it out.

All I could do with this girl was give her some time, just a little bit of love. Take a little while to persuade her that I don't mean her any harm, I don't want anything from her, I'm not asking her tired self to do anything. I don't know if it meant anything to her, or did any good at all, maybe it's more to make myself feel better. But I hope it helped her a little.

In the grand scheme of things we are there to help of course, but helping the whole takes a lot longer than helping just one. I so wish I could have helped this girl though, and make her the exception to the rule. 

*a big thank you to my friend Emily for taking these photos*

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