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Thunderstorms and a Good Day to Get Married


Last night there was such a thunderstorm! The city was lighting up every half a minute and there were great cracks and grumbles coming from the sky, it went on for ages before the rain started.

It's wedding season here in Jaipur, a few days ago was the first day if spring in India and apparently that is a very auspicious day to get married. I wonder if there is anything auspicious about getting married in a thunderstorm because some couple somewhere must be soaked through. 

Everything seems to be wedding wedding wedding at the moment. There are ceremonial horses and elephants all through the streets. People rushing from wedding to wedding, attending more than one in a single evening.

Even for me it's wedding wedding wedding. I'm trying to get my dress and my bridesmaids dresses made while I'm in India and it's been both very fun and very challenging. I'm planning a post called The Story of a Wedding Dress which will go up one day explaining the whole process I went through to have these dresses made. For now though you can follow along on instagram with the hashtag #thestoryofaweddingdress for a few peeks along the journey. 

Now that the storm is over and the garden of the house where I'm staying has had the dust of Jaipur washed away, for a few hours at least, its time for a quick breakfast and a tuk tuk ride to the bazaar in search of a good tailor. Wish me luck!

*all photos taken with my iphone*

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