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Molly These Days

Molly has become such a little joker. It's hard to believe that we've only had her for six months, but in that time she's changed so much. 

Shes still quite shy and when we're at home she just wants our attention, but she's gaining more confidence every day and she has even started being a bit naughty! Sometimes when you ask her to sit or come she'll just stand there and stare at you, like she has no idea what you're talking about. She's especially naughty when there are tennis balls involved. She is full on obsessed with tennis balls and will do pretty much anything to get her paws on one. 

She also seems to be finding her voice, and likes to chat away to herself when we're at home and she's chewing on her beloved teddy. 

If you follow me on Instagram you may know that she got really really sick not that long ago. She got e coli poisoning somehow, most likely from eating something she found in the park. I have had an animal get so sick before, it was heart breaking and more than a little scary. She lost so much weight and had to go on antibiotics and special food for weeks. By the time she had got over it she was barely more than skin and bones. When we got her coat clipped it was not a pretty sight, she was all ribs and hip bones so we have been feeding her loads of chicken and eggs to get her weight back up. She also had to have a winter jacket to keep her warm in the park. None of us were impressed by this but I can't tell who hates the jacket more, Molly or Adam. 

Along with her tennis ball and teddy, Molly loves (or maybe hates) trains. She's obsessed with them and freezes whenever she sees one and just stares at it like it's the most amazing thing ever. I think if she could she would chase them, which is kind of a terrifying thought.

She is also funny about having her paws cleaned. I don't know what it is but when we stop outside the door and she lifts up her paw to be cleaned off with a towel, she gives me a pathetic look and then turns her head away like I'm doing something indecent. She won't look in my direction again until I'm done. She's such a funny creature. 

Everyone is a potential friend to Molly, she runs up to people all the time and demands their attention. She definitely prefers people to dogs, but we're working on this, I suspect she didn't get socialised much with other dogs as a puppy. She made friends with a five year old girl in the park last Sunday and they played together for hours - her parents were grateful to us for entertaining their daughter but I was pretty grateful for her daughter tiring out my dog!

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