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From the Weekend

This weekend did not exactly turn out as I expected. Adam, Molly and I were meant to travel four hours north to my mums house and spend the weekend in Lancashire. Unfortunately our car and its malfunctioning breaks had other ideas. 

So instead we mostly hung out in the living room fort. Yup, we haven't taken it down yet. What can I say, it's my happy place! 

There's something about weekend plans gone awry that makes me feel like whatever I do instead doesn't count. It's using this logic that let me get away with eating a pizza for dinner on Friday night, and then a pizza and a half for dinner or Saturday night. But in my defense I did hand write about 76 wedding invitations, so there's that. One justifies the other, right?

We also took Molly on some pretty long walks, went on our weekly trip to the flower market, and ran into friends either sitting next to us by accident in a cafe or while we were waiting in the street for something or other. I love it when things come together like that, and I love reconnecting with people after so many years of not being in touch. 

Also, there are blossoms on so many of the trees in London Fields, and the buds on the magnolia tree in our garden look like they're getting ready to open. Spring is very much on the way! Even though it's still pretty chilly over here.  

How was your weekend?

p.s. This morning I've hand delivered the first of our wedding invitations, and later I'll head to the post office to send off the ones for our friends in the UK and overseas. I'm so excited for our friends and family to see them!

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