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On the Road: India's Golden Hour

Have I mentioned how amazing India's golden hour is? I think I must have, once or twice... a post. But I can't seem to stop myself. I don't think I can explain quite how ethereal and other-worldly it feels, and the fact that it seems to last much longer than one hour means that I took about a thousand photos every evening. Though, can you blame me? I didn't even attempt to edit these photos, I couldn't bear to tamper with the colours.

One day when we were traveling back from a remote village, we drove along long stretches of road, through small towns and past people getting ready for their evening meal on the side of the road. Dogs scavenging, horses let loose after a long day of hard work, buffalo still working to transport people and goods from place to place. India has such a buzz about it that never seems to die down, even at 4am. There always seems to be something to celebrate, or some work to be done. But far from feeling frantic, I found the consistent movement to be quite familiar and peaceful.

I've always found stillness is activity and noise, and a golden sky makes it all that more wonderful. 

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