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A Weekend of Pizza, Hanging Around Hackney, and Being a Lazey Bones

These days I'm trying a little bit harder to be a little more lazy. So all weekend Adam and I just relaxed around the flat, watched some of my Poirot box set, and ate pizza. I'm not even going to tell you how much pizza I ate because it's embarrassing, but let me just say that traveling to Bermuda next Friday and the prospect of wearing a bathing suit is making me a little nervous. 

We hadn't been to the flower market in a few weeks so on Sunday we walked Molly to Columbia Road, grabbing a coffee along the way. It was packed as usual but we managed to escape unscathed with some beautiful soft pink ranunculus and a bunch of blue hyacinth which smell gorgeous in little pots around the flat.  

We took a detour on the way home to a square in shoreditch where we thought we could sit and I could take some pictures while Adam ate his ice cream. But when we arrived we found a bandstand busking in process. We used to go to bandstand busking a lot when Adam and I first started dating, and it was nice to sit in the square with Molly and listen to a just a man and his guitar. It reminded me of a simpler time. 

I also spent some time with friends and got to hang out with some of my favourite blogging girls on Friday (eh hem, over pizza). Michelle was visiting from Italy so we got a group together and went to Franco Manca with ChéLuluJo and Catherine. These girls keep me laughing pretty much non-stop, blogging friends are pretty awesome.  

And now it's Monday and I'm waiting for the bus and the weekend already seems a million miles away. But it's ok because we've only got a four day week ahead!! Hooray!

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