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Pakistan Travel Diaries: Photos from the Road Part Two

Here are the last of my photos from Lahore! You can see part one of my Pakistan Travel Diaries here. I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get these published. Since I've set myself the more manageable task of blogging three times a week (instead of five, which was just too hard to manage with my work schedule) I have found I've got a backlog of posts. Especially travel posts! I want to post about my every day life and share everything from my travels, so that's why I'm mixing my content up a bit and some of these photos are from a while ago. I hope you don't mind me posting older stuff up here!

But anyway, back to the actual point of this post, Pakistan!

In the evenings after coming back to my hotel in Lahore I would sit in the window and watch the sunset. I've mentioned it before, a lot, but the quality of the light on the other side of the world just makes me feel so alive. Traveling for work is an amazing experience but it can sometimes be a bit lonely, especially after a few weeks have gone by. I usually bring along some of my favourite movies and whatsapp family and friends back home before bed.

I only spent three nights in Lahore but at least twice a night the power would go out throughout the hotel for a few minutes. I would sit there on my bed in my pajamas with just the light from my phone and my whatsapp convos for company, trying not to think about the plot of every horror film I've ever seen where a girl on her own gets murdered in a hotel. The backup generator would kick in eventually though, and all would be right with the world until another power outage would catch you between floors in the lift!

Even though I could only take non-work photos from a car motoring along the highway, I kind of like the way they turned out. These photos are a glimpse of what daily life is like in Pakistan for some people traveling to and from their homes - along one stretch if highway at least. Businessmen, gypsies in their camps, garbage pickers waiting for the dump to open, children on their way to school. 

The only shots that were planned and where I had the time to set up my camera properly were the sunset shots, which I got from my hotel. And the photos of the different coloured chicks I captured thanks to my awesome driver, who pulled over and timed his speed just right so that I could get as many photos as possible. Weaving in and out of the Lahore traffic trying to get the perfect shot is an experience I will never forget! These chicks, I learned, are destined to become presents for little children during the holidays. To which I said "aaaawww that's sweet", and then Ahmad replied "yea, except most of them only live for a few days, kids can be really cruel". Sooooo, not so sweet then. I'll take all the chicks please! And forget what customs has to say about it. 

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