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A Sunny Afternoon Engagement Photoshoot

A few weeks ago Jo asked if she could take some photos of Adam and I to add to her portfolio. As she's a wonderful blogging friend I said yes right away, but also I have totally failed in organising any sort of engagement shoot for us, so I really appreciated her helping me to make it happen. 

Above are some of my favourite shots of the day. They maybe aren't the most beautiful of the photos that Jo took, but I think they are the ones that show our personality the most, and give the best view as to what we're actually like as a couple.  

We're pretty goofy a lot of the time (just this morning I was trying to poke Adam with my mascara while he was trying to give me a hug and fend me off at the same time) and we like to laugh a lot, but Adam is kind of camera shy. I think Jo did an amazing job of capturing our personality while making us feel relaxed. Thanks, Jo!

Oh, and that pagoda in our back garden is where Adam proposed to me last October. I'm SO glad we managed to get some photos of us taken there together. 

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