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Just to Give you Some Background


I’ve been blogging for two years as of this month. Two years!! Amazing. I can’t actually believe I’ve found two years’ worth of things to write about, but there you go, I’ve done it and I will continue to do it because I love it so much. I’m so grateful for all the friends and fun that blogging has brought my way – but that’s not what this post is about, so I’ll get to it…

You all seemed to really enjoy my Life Before London post, and this one is along the same lines, though it doesn’t come with much of a point except to explain a little bit more about me. I like to hope that I am giving an honest representation through my blog, and I think part of that is explaining who I am. The other day a friend of mine asked if I was Canadian, she’s known me for a long time and my sort of half-assed answer didn’t really cut it for her, so I had to actually explain. I figured if she didn't know, then it probably wasn't very clear to anyone else. So here’s a brief life history of Freya P Dowson:

I was born in Bermuda and lived there until I was six with my mum and my older brother. My parents separated when I was one, maybe when I was younger than that I’m not sure, and my dad was living in England. My grandparents lived in Bermuda too, but when I was six my mum, brother and I moved to Toronto. Because of the laws back then and some other reasons I’ve never bothered to think much about, I’m not considered Bermudian, so I don’t have a passport. My whole family stretching back to the land before time is mostly British, so my nationality is first and foremost, British. My parents sound and act like they were born and raised in England (which they kind of were and weren’t, but that’s a different post), and my brother and I are the only ones who have Canadian accents in my whole family.

Marching forward a few years, my mum had gained Canadian citizenship and so my brother and I did as well. My dad moved to Canada to be closer to us and I grew up moving around Toronto for twelve years. I went to a bunch of different schools and lived in a bunch of different neighbourhoods. I was a really outgoing child, but a really shy teenager.

When I was 17 my mum remarried and lived between Jamaica and Toronto for a little while – Christmas in Jamaica was lots of fun! When I was 18 my dad moved to Hong Kong for work and lived there for about six years – spending summers in Hong Kong is still one of my favourite ever memories (and secretly I want to move back). I left Toronto myself in 2002 for university in the UK and the rest is history, I’ve been living in England now for twelve years! I never intended to stay, but it just kind of happened.

These days my dad is back living in Toronto, as is my brother. My mum moved around a bit but eventually landed back in the UK, and I’m here in London. My grandparents’ house still stands in Bermuda and is one of my favourite places on earth. And I feel very much like an international Ping-Pong ball.

So whenever anyone asks where I’m from, I kind of give a half-assed answer because the truth is, I’m not really sure what I would call myself (though I am tempted to say Narnia!). When I'm in the UK I feel at home, when I'm in Canada I feel at home, and same goes for Bermuda. I mostly feel at home when I'm in the company of people I love, which is probably the most important thing.

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