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Dear Caffeine :: We're Breaking Up (it's not me, it's you)


I've been called too sensitive more often than I can count. In fact, pretty much on a daily basis someone tells me I'm too sensitive and too emotional. I'm fine with that, I know it's true and that's just who I am. I often wish I was tougher too, but there's not a lot I can do about the fact that I will probably always spend most of an episode of Game of Thrones hiding behind Adam with my fingers in my ears. But it's not just that I'm too emotionally sensitive, I'm also too physically sensitive! And that's something I can control. It's my body so (most of the time) it's my choice.

This past year I have cut back how much alcohol I drink by a lot, I mean, I drink less than a third of what I used to. I get a hangover off two drinks and I also suffer a lot from the boozy-blues - so after half a bottle of wine you will most likely find me crying in a corner over my sore head and some silly life problem. It's just not worth it!

The next thing to tackle is caffeine. When I drink two cups of coffee I get crazy excited, optimistic and driven. I'm pretty much the best version of myself on too much caffeine, I am a productive super woman who thinks everyone and everything is just the best thing ever. More than two cups and I'm having heart palpitations - so it's a fine balance. But inevitably the coffee wears off and I crash, and when this happens I start to feel really down that I've lost my motivation and my drive. 

I need to learn to be motivated and driven on my own, without a stimulant. I want to get rid of the cycle of highs and lows that come with too much caffeine, and I want to even out my daily moods to achieve a bit more balance. Who knows, maybe I'll stop being so emotional and "too sensitive" at the same time? Yea, I doubt that too. But anyway - here are a few things I'm going to try to do to cut out coffee.

1 :: still drink coffee. Wait, what? ... Yup. I LOVE the taste of coffee and I would cry if I had to give it up altogether. I also don't mind the taste of decaf coffee, so this works well for me! I know decaf is meant to bad for you, but, one step at a time towards being healthier. Right?

2 :: STOP stop stop STOP replacing breakfast with coffee. This is such a bad habit of mine. If I drink a big coffee then I can feel pretty full and not in the mood to eat anything - so when I crash from my caffeine hit I crash extra hard. I know this is awful and I'm going to be more organised in my food shopping at the beginning of the week, planning and shopping for all my meals, not just dinner.

3 :: replace all that coffee with lots more water. I do not want to do this. Not one little bit. But if I complain of a headache one more time to Adam, and both of us know it's because I'm dehydrated, he may actually call off the wedding (i joke). But really, I need more water so I'm going to try. 

4 :: I'm going to see if I can find a drink that I like just as much as coffee and start making that in the mornings, maybe a chai tea? A decaf chai tea?

I'm now one and a half weeks free of caffeine and the at first it was hard, but I'm getting used to it and I'm definitely experiencing less highs and lows throughout the day - even if I am quite tired.

Are you a coffee drinker? What do you drink instead? Do you have any warm beverage recommendations for me that are free of caffeine?

*photo of me pounding Monmouth coffee by Rosie


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