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The First of the Summer's Sunshine

When I woke up this weekend I was overwhelmed by the possibilities when I first opened my cupboard to get dressed. As the first day of the year that was warm enough to have bare legs, I wanted to choose something special - something I had been longing to wear all winter long! 

As it turns out, this weekend mostly revolved around sunshine and eating. I met a friend for brunch on Saturday at Violet which was lovely because it had been a long time since we last caught up, and it had also been a long time since I tucked into violet's lovely granola. We sat outside, drank iced coffee and chatted about my friends trip to Hawaii in May. Oh so jealous!

Adam, Molly and I also spent a lot of time out in the garden this weekend. I am happy to report that we have lots of new flowers, and we now have four newts living in the pond (and what may also possibly be a leech - which I am slightly less thrilled about). Our neighbors have recently moved out, taking their cat with them. This means that Molly is the new queen of the garden and she couldn't be more smug about the situation. She comes in with cobwebs on her nose and soggy paws where she's been fishing for newts.

We finished the day at Mayfields where we had snacks and a few drinks. I swear the prices have gone up since we first started going there, but it's still as delicious as ever. I never stop appreciating the fact that I have such lovely resaurants and cafes right on my door step. And I also never stop appreciating any moment where I can sit outside and enjoy the sunshine touching  my skin - I think that last one is my favourite ever photo of Adam.

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