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Bermuda and the First Few Days

Bermuda is such a peaceful place, there's green everywhere and a constant breeze blowing across the island. At night there's a chorus of tree frogs that never stops and the humidity wraps itself around you like a thick blanket - some people hate that but I absolutely love it. When we first arrived on the island on a Friday night there wasn't much that we could do, things get pretty quiet on the Island over the Easter weekend. We mostly went to the beach, ate amazing fresh fish dinners and stuffed ourselves with easter eggs.

Adam had heard so much about my Grandparent's house over the years that he couldn't wait to see it. My Grandfather was an engineer and the house was a real project for him, it's a bit of a labyrinth of cupboards and strategically placed corridors. When I was younger I only saw the house as something to climb and be explored, it was my favourite place to be because I loved it, but walking around with Adam and seeing his amazement at the thought that went into building it really opened my eyes to what a brilliant man my Grandfather was. I mean, I always knew he was brilliant but I never really saw it from an outsider's perspective.

I made Adam promise that he wouldn't go exploring without me so on our first morning there he waited impatiently for me to wake up. While he was making me a coffee I hauled myself out of bed and we went down to the dock in our pyjamas. We watched some fish jumping in the creek and explored the different levels of the gardens that in themselves are a bit of a labyrinth too.

Being back was both really amazing and really difficult. Holding a wedding there is going to be the start of a new chapter and I am so excited for that, but I'm a creature of habit and part of me wants to stubbornly preserve the past. But no one can really do that, not unless they want to become a crazed Mrs Havisham kind of character, roaming the rooms at midnight in a tattered wedding dress.

So, if one day I change the name of my blog from Nishaantishu to The Mrs Havisham Diaries, please somebody, stage an intervention? Thanks. 

Lots of Sleep and Sunshine

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