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Travels in Japan

Hello from Tokyo!! I'm in love with Japan, both Adam and I are. We've only been here two days and we are just about ready to pack our bags and move in. It's the most confused I've ever been traveling around a city, but I've never had more fun.

Adam and I have never actually gone on such a big trip together before. We've been on smaller trips and back to Canada a few times, but we've never had a proper big overseas adventure together - and we are having such a great time. 

I'm taking so many photos and I can't wait to edit and post some more, but for now here's a short summary of our first day in Tokyo: we walked a lot, ate A LOT, and went to watch the baseball.

Sorry if things get a bit quiet around here for a bit until I'm back in London, I really want to concentrate on enjoying Japan - but I'll post when I can and I will instagram a lot, you can follow along here.

Travels in Japan :: Tokyo the First Time

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