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Henstock :: A Glamping Weekend

This is normally the sort of thing that people post on their facebook page and not on their blog, but I never post on facebook and I was so excited at the thought of sharing these on my blog, so I thought - why not? This past weekend one of my bridesmaids and a bunch of my friends got together to throw me a hen party! Or bachelorette, if you like. 

Two of my bridesmaids are in Canada, one is in Indonesia and on is here in London so I thought we would just have something small right before the wedding when we all get to Bermuda. But a few months ago I was having cake with Eve and Emily (the two lovelies at the top) and as Eve is one of my bridesmaids and Emily just loves to plan stuff, they went right ahead and and decided for me - I would have a UK hen party! I'm not a lover of hen parties with their dirty clubs and hangovers, but I'm so glad they made that decision that night because this past weekend was one of the best weekends of my life!

We went glamping in East Sussex with the Original Hut Company, and it was everything I could have hoped for. I asked for camping or something out in the woods and the girls delivered! We had camp fires, a barbecue, we danced around to silly music, played the Mr and Mrs game which I totally nailed, and had a scavenger hunt. We painted our own goblets, we went on a boat ride, had dinner at a pub where there was a live band playing, and danced for hours. There were only a few other people out on the grass where the band was playing so we had it pretty much to ourselves like our own mini festival, I danced in my bare feet so much that they were still green the next morning! The night ended with us in the pub, watching the England game and drinking cups of tea. A few people in the pub asked why I was drinking tea and not tequila, but I just can't handle my booze.

Do you remember a post I did a little while ago about Life Before London? I kept thinking about that all weekend. I thought about how I didn't know any of these girls before I moved to London, not even Eve! And now she's a bridesmaid! Life and friendship still continues to shock the hello out of me, who turns up and who doesn't always catches me by surprise. I feel so incredibly lucky to have so many amazing friends who are willing to spend a weekend with me to celebrate the fact that I'm getting married. 

Even if those friends make you wear a truth or dare necklace (like in the last photo where I'm dancing like a crazy person) which involve sending random texts to your landlord and your boss!!! As well as standing on a table singing nursery rhymes and kissing a bald man's head.

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