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One Day :: I Dream of Expanding My Business by Ché

Today I am really excited to introduce Ché as a contributor to my One Day series. I love how so many people dream of working for themselves one day, and I love that Ché has already taken that leap as a small business owner!

This girl is one of my favourite people. She is one of the few bloggers that is pretty much guaranteed to make you laugh out loud with each and every post she writes, and if you're lucky enough to meet her in person she'll make you laugh even harder! She is so positive that it's almost impossible to not feel like you can take on the world after spending just an hour in her company. She has just relaunched her website and her online shop so if you haven't visited already, you most definitely should! 

Here's what she has to say about expanding her already awesome business:

I went a little bit crazy with this blog post because it's SUCH a great topic and I have SO many wild crazy dreams - which is probably the reason I never sleep at night.

In the next little while, I wish to grow the indieBerries brand, I want to expand my greeting card range and introduce different products so that I can approach more stores in and around London to stock my stationary.

One day I want indieBerries to be a household name much the same as Purple Ronnie or Edward Monkton. I want people to walk past a shop, see something I've created in the window and immediately recognise, "Oh! That's indieBerries!" I want people to connect with my products, my humour and my creative offerings.

In line with growing my product range, one day I want to publish a book (and then a series of books) - illustrated, semi-scrapbook, quirky books. Books that people can use to create their own stories and that will simultaneously make people laugh. This is most definitely my passion project and as a passion project, it often gets pushed aside when other things arise. But I have been making slow progress on this over time! (sneak peak attached!) I have SO many ideas for books within this series and my dream is to create it so that each separate book relates to a particular phase of life. The way I am creating the book is by drawing on the phase of life that I'm currently in - so that it is created with a real life in mind and a real-person experience.

For indieLoveBooks, my goal (and what I'm working towards) is to create 10 books per month. I lovecreating these books because at heart I'm a (creepy) little voyeurist and I really enjoy hearing the stories of people who have recently gotten engaged. I love seeing their photos over their time together and I love being part of their story on one of the biggest days of their lives.

Once all of this takes off (obviously) and Warren and I can retire at 35, I dream to have an amazing creative studio/house on an island. I will have the most gorgeous art-workspace right on the beach, stocked with hundreds of rolls of washi tape and ALL the craft supplies. It will be a yoga/art/inspirational workshop space - where people can come on journaling/yoga/creative/beach retreats as well as being my own personal super-inspirational craft space just to create things I love. Warren will run fishing trips for guests and I will run the yoga and art journaling courses. Warren will also do the cooking. Just some place small and cozy on the edge of an always-sunny tropical island, with a few hammocks and coconut trees.

I don't ask for much.

Head on over to the indieBerries website and have a snoop around at Ché's blog and shop!

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