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Life Lately in Numbers


37 :: bridesmaids dresses considered // 10 :: bridesmaids dresses ordered and sent back // 500+ :: messages sent to bridesmaids about dresses = 5 bridesmaid dresses finally purchased. Thank frigg for that!

7 :: hours spent watching Orange is the New Black. We're a bit late to the party on this show, but Adam and I are both completely addicted. Although, is it just me or is Piper a bit of an annoying character?

3 :: meals consumed from the Able & Cole recipe boxes. I'm really enjoying cooking these recipes in the evening. And they couldn't be easier as we have all the exact ingredients delivered to our door every week! They're healthy and yummy, and Adam loves them! I think they're just pretty good though.

1 :: starbucks coffee dropped almost immediately after purchase - but it's ok because it landed standing up without a drop spilled. Miracle!

1 :: online yoga class completed. What are your thoughts on online yoga classes? I really enjoy doing it in my own home because I feel like there's less pressure and I can go at my own pace.

5 :: attempts to teach Molly a new trick, and I think she's almost got the hang of it! She's learning how to crawl along the floor like a commando and it's so funny because she gets really frustrated with it - mostly because I think she thinks I'm bonkers for trying to make her do something so pointless. If she could talk she would probably say something like, "why don't you just give me the treat so we can both go back to doing what we really want, watching tv and napping."

4+ :: hours spent working on a photoshoot. I can't wait to share the results, I think it turned out looking really pretty!

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