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Just a Moment :: twenty

Just a few moments to remember from this past week. 

1 :: Adam needs glasses - this is his "I wear glasses now so I have to be serious" face. I'm just a little bit jealous because I think I would look really good in glasses! But I don't actually need them so for now he'll have to be the "serious" one in this relationship. Ha!

2 :: This little boy spotted in the park - his parents tried to take the beer cans away from him but he wouldn't hear of it! He got so upset that they had to give them back. 

3 :: We had brunch at Market Cafe on Sunday, which is located at the end of Broadway Market. I've always wanted to go and we finally made it! I had eggs benedict and they were so delicious, the best I've had in a long time. Definitely check them out if you're ever in the neighbourhood, they look like they do good brunch cocktails too. 

4 :: On Saturday we went to have our wedding bands fitted, to see what they look like in wax first before they're cast. That lovely lady who is making them for us also happens to own the sweetest little dog.

5 :: You are never too old for sleepovers!! On Friday I went to an epic sleepover and BBQ hosted by my wonderful friend Emily. We stayed up too late, had a bit too much gin, and dressed up in our onesies. These girls keep me laughing non-stop!

6 :: Adam took me for a recovery smoothie on the morning after the epic sleepover. My favourite smoothie of all time is from Health Stuff on Dalston Lane and it's called the blueberry breakfast. It's made up of: blueberries, a handful of oats, honey, banana and milk. It's delicious and fills you up when you're feeling a little too rough for food, while re-hydrating you. The hungover breakfast of champions! Or, you know, girls who can't drink.

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