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Just a Moment :: twenty one

1 :: The weather lately has been something else, hasn't it? One minute it's so so hot, the next it's humid, and the next it's thunder and lightning. It's made for some incredible light though, and I love the way it lights up the houses across the street every evening. 

2 :: Pancakes part two! I have been perfecting my pancake making abilities and I think I'm getting better, if only a little bit. I mixed things up a little by adding some honey stewed peaches and some Greek yogurt as extra toppings.

3 :: Some flowers captured on my way home from Angel on Saturday afternoon. Flowers are everywhere in my neighborhood at the minute. 

4 :: I cheated on my no caffeine streak (not for the first time I have to admit) with an iced coffee on Sunday morning.

5/6 :: I took my friend to Hackney City Farm for the first time, and she loved it! We took a selfie with a donkey. 

7 :: Pizza in the park with some beers while it thundered above us and got ready to rain. We made it inside before it started pouring though! And Molly is being super cuddly at the moment because she's started to get sick again. My poor pup. 

8 :: Sunday's flower market haul.

Some other wonderful things not pictured:

:: I slept for 11 and a half hours on Saturday night, it was amazing! I haven't done that in years.

:: I'm currently eating porridge with peaches to celebrate the fact that it's marginally cooler today which means a hot breakfast is called for. 

:: Today marks the start of a thirteen week fitness countdown. Adam and I have thirteen weeks to get fit and healthy for this wedding, so it's time to start. Cue confused face because I am not one to exercise beyond the occasional yoga and horseback riding. If anyone has any fitness and diet tips, please do share!

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