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Personality Begins Where Comparison Ends


One of my photos from India.

Any creative field can be scattered with landmines. It doesn't matter where your passion lies, whether it's blogging or any other creative outlet, there will always be someone out there doing it better than you. That's the way our brains seem to be wired. Goodness only knows why, but even the most self-assured people trip over second guessing themselves.

It's such an awful feeling, don't you think? It's almost sickening how easy it is to kick yourself for not being good enough.

I had this horrible self-destructive moment the other day on a bus, and then I had a thought that made me feel instantly better. I decided to pour myself into what I love, and what brings me happiness. In my case it's my photography, I just love how it makes me feel when I go back and edit my travel photos from India or Japan. I love dreaming about the equipment I want to invest in, and the people I have yet to photograph. Thinking about potential trips and spending time remembering compliments people have paid me when they see my photos. No one can take photos like me, not because I'm the best of course, because no one sees the world the way I do - and the same goes for everyone.

When I get down about what I think I'm not doing good enough, I focus on what I think I am doing well and I fire myself up to put more effort and more passion into doing just that because it fills me up and makes me feel good. 

What do you do to pick yourself up when you aren't feeling good enough, and start comparing yourself to others?

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