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Hiro + Wolf

Molly and I have been seeing Hiro + Wolf collars around the park for a while now. We’ve taken Adam to the stall in Broadway Market more than once to “just look and not buy, promise!!!”, but when we saw the cutest miniature schnauzer in the park wearing one, that was just the last straw. Ok who am I kidding, Molly cares about nothing but tennis balls, food and cuddles (in that order) so it was mostly me that wanted one for her.

Then last week we were on our regular shopping trip to Columbia Road Flower Market to buy some flowers for the week, when we got distracted by a shop at the top of the street. When we walked in a little black dog wandered up to us and his owner said, “oh that’s Wolf”. I looked up and there was the full range of Hiro + Wolf collars displayed right before us, I nearly went off my rocker trying to pick a favourite.

I spent a good long time chatting to Bee, Wolf’s owner and one half of Hiro + Wolf, about how they source their materials from Kenya, and how they work with those who need employment the most in some of the poorer parts of Mombasa to put together their stock. I mentioned how I had been to Kenya for work a few times, and also to Mombasa, which lead us to talking about animal welfare and their partnership with A.N.A.W. who focus on improving animal welfare and conservation by educating local communities.

Bee also told me about how they are branching out into creating a really beautiful jewellery line – something new to lust after! Personally I’m loving the Mamba ring and the Zawadi earrings.

We left that day with a brand new collar for Molly (which she wasn't allowed to wear until she had had a haircut and a bath) and as you can see she’s pretty proud of it! Now I can start obsessing over buying her a new lead…

*collar gifted by Hiro + Wolf

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