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Travels in Japan :: The Day that Sara Jane Arrived in Kyoto

On our way to pick Sara Jane up from the train station Adam and I were trying to figure out when we saw her last - we couldn't believe it had been a year and a half! I mean, we catch up almost every week on Skype but it's just not the same and I was so excited to see her again. In fact, I got the day wrong and thought she was coming in the day before - I was so excited, then disappointed, then even more excited by the time she actually showed up!

Sara had been teaching in South Korea for a year, but before that she had spent a lot of time in London wth Adam and I. We all get on so well that we knew we could travel together and have a great time. In fact, you know how Adam and I met when we were kids? Well, Adam and Sara have known each other even longer. I would love to see the look on nine year old Freya's face if you were to tell her that one day she would be traveling in Japan with these two, one a fiancé and the other a best friend of 21 years!  I love how weird life is. 

Both Adam and Sara are much more into being healthy and fit than I am, and when they mentioned 'hikes' when we were planning the trip I kind of didn't give it much thought. But they weren't kidding. We did the whole long hike all around the Fushimi Inari Shrine and the only thing that could persuade me to do it was the promise of udon at the end. Not the right attitude to have if I want to get in shape for the wedding...

In the evening we walked around Gion to see if we could spot any Geisha, but no luck, so we had okonomiyaki for dinner and wandered home as the sun set.

Don't worry, when I'm done sharing our Japan adventures I'll write up a mini travel guide if any of you are thinking of visiting Japan in the near future.

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