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Learning Calligraphy with Quill and Imogen Owen

A few weeks ago I went to a calligraphy class with Catherine and Siobhan over in Angel. I excpected to learn a fancier way of writing, how to dip a pen in ink, and how to add a flourish to my signature - but I should have known there would be so much more to it than that. Calligraphy is all about pressure, technique and practice practice practice. 

The class was organised by Quill and taught by Imogen Owen - it was so well arranged, there were cakes and everything! We had a bit of instruction and then we worked with our practice sheets while Imogen came around and gave us tips. Although I quickly learned that I wasn't going to immediately be a brilliant calligrapher, I really enjoyed myself. 

I should really dedicate more time to practicing, and I have a stack of cards waiting to be written which I have been putting off for weeks until I am a pro. I really do apologise if I am really late on your birthday or congratulations card, but I promise it'll be worth it when it arrives, if not entirely legible.

If you get a chance, check out Quill's classes and see if you can grab a spot for yourself. It's so much fun and incredibly satisfying to learn a new skill.

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