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Antigua is a beautiful little colonel town outside of Guatemala City - if you're going to stay anywhere in Guatemala on your first visit, definitely stay there! As I was based there for work I spent most of my time walking about in the evenings, but I did manage to snap a few photos of the craft market that is set up in the afternoons to sell locally-made goods. Well, almost all locally made - some bits and pieces I'm pretty sure are imported...

Antigua itself is all cobbled streets and beautifully coloured buildings. It's very touristy, but sometimes that's nice. Restaurants are easy to find and the town itself is easy to navigate, there's no chance of you getting lost and for me that's an added bonus as I'm always getting lost.

You still have to be guarded though, it may be a tourist town but we still witnessed the aftermath of a mugging and it did not look pretty. That's not to say it isn't safe, you just need to be careful. But there is tonnes of shopping to do and little bars to explore, I saw singes for an avocado martini that looked tempting... but sadly I never got the chance.

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