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Homecoming and Darjeeling 2nd flush

I'm finally home. After almost two weeks of solid work, travel and long days, after a day and a half without sleep, three flights, and one nearly missed connection, I'm back!

As excited as I am to go off adventuring, I'm almost equally as excited to be back home again. Dingy hotel rooms, quick meals grabbed on the go, hours spent in the car along roads that can barely be called a road at all and make the car feel like a washing machine - these are the things that make up real adventure to not often visited parts of a country. I love it. But there comes a point where I think, if I have to eat any more frijoles con tortilla, profavor, I'm going to lose my marbles.  

So when I finally got home yesterday at 7am the only thing I craved was just a cup of tea. A cup of really good tea. That's when I remembered that a few weeks ago JING kindly send me some of their finest quality black teas. I spent all of Sunday alternating between naps, cups of Darjeeling and cuddles with Molly and Adam. Flights and airports make me feel gross, and there is something very purifying about a moment of calm with a cup of good quality tea. Followed by about a gallon of water because, why is flying so dehydrating?

I'm home for three weeks and then off to Bermuda! With only a month and two days left until the wedding I think I've entered into a state of shock. Hopefully my dress fitting tomorrow will shake me out of it so that I can start on my to-do list which has been so neglected lately. 

Happy One Year Anniversary Molly-Loo