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Simple stylings.

I’ve always been what you could call an aspirational shopper – that is, I buy clothes for my someday self. And I wait. I wait for the day I have the occasion to wear them, or maybe the day I start properly working out and feel like I have the confidence. I would love to say that I’m at the stage in my life where I no longer do that, and I sort of can, but the truth is I don’t shop like that because I’m smarter with my money – not because I’m better at dressing myself.

My day to day uniform of :: Baxter Jeans from Topshop :: Forever Tshirt from asos :: similar New Balance, or these  :: jacekt from arie, similar here, here or here.

Contrary to all of this, I hate having a wardrobe full of clothes I don’t wear, it makes it difficult to get dressed in the morning and it’s a constant reminder of how I’m not yet that person I aspired to be when I was buying those clothes. Have you ever heard of anything so insane?

So lately I’ve been working on wrapping my head around the idea of a minimal wardrobe. I love the idea of having just a few things to wear, things I know look good on me and things I know represent who I am right now, and not who I may be some day.

I know that when it comes to my closet I can’t see the wood for the trees, so I enlisted some help (staged an intervention for myself) from the most stylish person I know, Tania. We went through my closet piece by piece, she suggested a few things to chuck, gave me tips on what to wear with what, and showed me how some things didn’t look so great because they just didn’t fit! I became more aware of the pieces I just never use, and they went into a maybe pile to be chucked out if I failed to wear them in the coming months. It was the most useful thing I could have done – I gave away a big bag of things, and every week a few more items go to the charity shop. My wardrobe is shrinking! And it’s so exciting. 

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