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Cleansing Your Face With Coconut Oil

All through the summer I had planned on experimenting with using coconut oil and a face wash. I didn't want to start before October though, because everyone knows you're not meant to mess with your beauty routine before you get married! But the natural cleansing properties of coconut oil combined with the ease of having a cleanser and moisturiser in one - amazing.

So the moment I got back from New York, I had a jar of coconut oil waiting for me to crack it open and give it a go. For three months now I have been washing my face with virgin organic coconut oil at the end of my daily shower - massaging it in and then gently letting the water run over my face to rinse off any excess. And for good measure I lather it on my legs and arms as a moisturiser while the water is still running because for me there's nothing worse than being freezing out of the shower and applying cold moisturiser, it's hell and I'm more likely to just go with dry legs! When drying off I just pat myself down, no scrubbing or rough drying because I want the coconut oil to stay in place and lock in as much moisture as it can!

I'm happy to say that I'm hooked! I don't think I'll ever go back to a soap based face wash - though ask me in the summer when I'm all sweaty and gross. For now though, my skin is actually less greasy and more matte at the end of the day than it ever has been before. My skin has always been on the greasier side, although my skin often gets rough from dryness, so go figure... My face doesn't feel gross or covered in grease after a shower, in fact, I often have to moisturise on top of the coconut oil because my skin feels a bit dry! I don't have any more spots than I did before I started cleansing with oil - though I've never had consistently bad skin, just the occasional breakout. 

I feel like coconut oil has made my skin feel more balanced, it's not overly greasy anymore, nor is it as dry. And it means that I have to take less time and spend less money on several face products where I now only use one or two!

* in these photos I'm completely makeup free, but you will notice that they are of the same side of my face, just flipped. I didn't want anyone to think I was trying to trick them!

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