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Life Lately :: January Edition

Lately I have been dreaming of the black sand beaches of Guatemala, and how happy I think I would be if I could live by the ocean.

Do you ever feel like life is getting in the way of you living? I realise how little sense that makes, but it’s the little things in life that just get in the way like colds, or too much work, or a bunch of random bills coming out at once leaving you extra poor, all of which leave you without any option but to stay in and have as little fun as possible. Especially with this January cold making the rounds!

That’s been me lately and it makes for an extra boring blog I’m afraid. I see daylight rarely these days and for one reason or another this month I have been bedridden with illness or injury. It’s no fun at all!

But I’m feeling cheerful none the less, and that’s probably down to the fact that on Friday we are flying off to Iceland for five nights! Our first travel adventure of 2015 and I cannot wait!

Here’s a few other things from life lately…

Grateful :: for good friends who come over with flowers and smiles to get me out of the house when I’m all stuffed up with cold, just to pop ‘round the corner for coffee and cake. Thanks Tania!

Excited :: about visiting Iceland, hunting down the northern lights and catching up with a friend I haven’t seen in about five years!

Buying :: a juicer! We were mid-way through Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on Saturday night when I impulse purchased a juicer. Adam nearly died at my financial irresponsibility (and so did I a little), but I’m excited to give it a go!

Anticipating :: the release of a new camera I have my eye on. I’ve been receiving a lot of camera deliveries at work lately (so they don’t belong to me) and it’s making me excited to one day soon buy one myself…. Yea I really need to stop spending money.

Loving :: my new short haircut! I’ll post some photos soon, promise. But my long hair is long gone!

Discovering :: a new favourite brand of coconut oil. It’s called Chi  and it’s so creamy and smooth.

Visiting :: a naturopath. I’ve never been to someone for medical advice who wasn’t a doctor, but it was interesting and I’m going to give it a real go, supplements and all. I’ll let you know how it works out!

Eating :: all the cake. I don’t know why but I have been on a massive brownie binge for about a week now which is weird for me because I don’t have much of a sweet tooth.

Cooking :: Deliciously Ella’s Rejuvenating Bowl recipe at least once a week, it’s so easy and so delicious.

Using :: Hurraw! lip balmy my mum bought me back from Toronto. I’ve been using the black cherry one, have you tried it? It’s available here if you’re shopping from within the UK.

Dreaming :: about being able to wear floaty summer dresses again. I know it’s only January and we’ve got a long way to go yet, but a girl can dream.

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