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An Unexpected Christmas

I don’t suppose you happened to hear a funny sort of sound resounding through the atmosphere on Christmas eve? Something that sounded a little bit like a sob and a little bit like a cry of disbelief? Well that was me crying loudly as Adam left to fly back to Canada alone, while I had to stay behind. Why? Because my passport decided to play a little game of hide and seek. It was there when I came back from New York!!

Anyway, there was no point in us wasting two plane tickets, so off Adam went to Toronto while I made a tearful phone call to my dad to ask if there would be room for me in Sussex with my aunt, uncle, cousin and so on…

I may not have pictured spending my Christmas without Adam on an air mattress in a drafty little cottage on the downs, but it was lovely to see my family who only come over from Jersey once a year, and to see my dad, and of course my gran who is now in her 90s!

By the time New Year’s Eve rolled around I was back in London, on my own and eagerly awaiting Adams return on the second of January. There’s something pretty lovely about spending New Years on your own, actually. I had lots of options to go out, and I did try to meet a friend at the pub just down the road, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I rang in the New Year, skyping with Adam and watching the fireworks on tv. It was really peaceful and I started 2015 hangover free!

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