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Just a Moment :: Twenty Four

It's been a while since I've done a Just a Moment post - too long! I think I need to do just a general life catch up post for another day, but for now here are a few moments that have made me smile over the past few months...

1 :: My craving for sweet things has been through the roof lately. One week I ate seven brownies - I just can't get enough! I don't know where these cravings are coming from but as someone who doesn't usually go for sweet stuff, I'm really enjoying it!

2 :: Having my beautiful friend Tania back from Australia is pretty great, but having her show up on my doorstep with flowers and a determination to get me out of the house for some fresh air and cake when I had an awful cold - so much love for this girl and how caring she is.

3 :: Days spent with Tania and Rosie, I know I've been mentioning these girls a lot lately but I'm just so glad to have them in my life - and Tania's sister Lizzie too, when we can get her to London :)

4 :: Guys, this is my family. How funny is that? I'm still getting used to the fact that Adam, Molly and I are a little family unit all to ourselves. Obviously with a fantastic wider family, but I'm still getting used to being part of a smaller, brand new one.

5 :: Candles, candles, candles. I'm loving this new ritual of going to the market to choose a new one every time our old one runs out - I had never seen this one for sale before and it's my new favourite.

6 :: FINALLY publishing my photography portfolio. I can't even begin to wrap my head around how kind everyone has been about it, the comments, emails, tweets and private messages of support have completely overwhelmed me. I wish I could buy each of you some cake and tea and tell you how much good you've done through your support.

Other wonderful moments to remember...

:: Adam and I spent a wonderful evening watching Amelie and eating homemade tomato soup a while ago. That film is always worth a re-watch.

:: This flight track from Cereal has been on repeat at work since before Christmas. It helps me concentrate but it also is prodding my travel bug out of hibernation - hip hip hooray for trips to come!

:: I took the leap and signed up for premium skillshare membership. There's no better feeling than investing in yourself, I say! I took so many wonderful classes on that space last year that I think it's totally worth it.

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