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Welbeing :: Some Helpful Links for Living the Good Life

If I had to narrow down my life resolutions to just two things, it would be take more pictures and do more yoga. Photo from here, although clearly that's not it's original source so let me know if you know what that is!!

:: I pre-ordered Yoga Girls new book which I am beyond excited for, because in case you haven't noticed I have a bit of a girl crush. I've also pre-ordered Deliciously Ella's cook book which promises to help me eat healthier - I have high hopes!

:: Lemon juice with ginger and honey on my morning bus ride! Not only does this give a healthy start to the day to my insides, it also helps to combat motion sickness which I suffer from terribly! I know it's not a link, but it's still helpful!

:: Popcorn! A healthy snack I've been making for Adam and I in the evenings to replace wine and just general rubbish eating. My mum gave us her old popcorn maker ages ago and I've only just started using it. Fresh popcorn is so delicious it makes junk food easy to forget!

:: The Yoga Studio app. Do you use it? I've had it on my phone for ages but didn't really get into it until I realised you can actually download classes and listen to someone telling you what to do as you do it! Now if anyone has any tips on finding quiet and space enough to do yoga in a two room flat with a husband and a dog, please let me know!

:: Remember the 30 day yoga challenge I did last year? Well there's another challenge coming up that I'm super excited about at DoYouYoga.com, it's the 30 Day Meditation Class and it starts at the beginning of Feb so there's still time to sign up!

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