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Travelling Hawaii, Oahu's North Shore

Well over a year ago we started planning our trip to Hawaii. One of my best friends and the maid of honour at my wedding, Morgan, asked me to be her bridesmaid and we knew she wanted to get married on Maui, so tickets were booked and plans were made well in advance.

Hawaii was one of those weird trips where I never quite believed I was going, and even when we arrived it was kind of hard to believe it was true. Even when we missed our flight, arrived a day late and spent the next three days waiting for the rain to clear - it was a still a bit hard to believe it was all real. 

The Hawaiian landscape is just SO beautiful it's easy to feel like you're in a dream. Driving from Honolulu to the North Shore was incredible. It was sunset and the light was bouncing off the mountains and creating a sort of other-worldly green and orange glow in the mist.

Our first morning on the North Shore was soggy with rain, and it continued like that for three days. At first we were fine with it, after all there's no point in complaining about the weather. But when all the activities we had planned were either rained out or impossible due to flash flood warnings, I started to get a bit down about it all and even Adam in all his eternal optimism had to agree that it sucked a little. And then by day three when we hadn't even been able to go swimming in the ocean, I got a lot down about it all.

Eventually we just got in our rental car and drove and drove. We drove circles around Oahu! We stopped for shrimp, got very familiar with acai bowls which are my new favourite thing, hopped out of the car to explore beaches in the rain and attempted one or two hikes, flood warnings and all. We weren't going to fly all the way to Hawaii to sit indoors!

We just weren't having much luck though. When it was still raining and I decided to go swimming anyway because, well just because, we arrived at the beach and realised we had forgotten the towels. I was really starting to worry that it was turning into one of those trips... But I went swimming anyway and decided that if Hawaii wanted me to be soaking, I may as well embrace it.

Thankfully by the morning of our fourth day, the weather had cleared and we had all the sunshine we could want. The water was still too choppy for us to swim with sharks, as we had planned - but as it turns out Hawaii had something way better in store for us...

More to come on that soon! Also I'll be putting together a trip guide because I have accumulated lots of tips for traveling in Hawaii to share with you.





Travelling Hawaii, When the Rain Cleared