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India in October: A Travel Diary ii

This morning I woke up to a broken boiler (so no heating), and after a full day on the sofa on Sunday I still felt like I could have slept for another four hours or so. I crawled out of bed, made a cup of tea, got dressed and lost my wallet on the bus. Happy Monday!

It got me thinking so much about how many people there are in the world living their life in parallel. How everyone is having, has had or will have had their Monday by this point and it will be nothing like mine, and yet it will be so similar. We all have to wake up, we have to eat, we all have stuff to do… we're not so different from each other, you know?



On my second day in India I woke up before the sun. Early starts are not unusual on these trips, you wake up when the people you’re shooting do. Mostly I shoot people who work with animals. I mean, people who work alongside their animals to provide for their family. So usually that’s manual labour of one sort or another and those kind of work days start early.

On these mornings I roll out of bed, jump in a cold shower because so many of these hotels don’t have hot water (when you travel for a charity you travel on a budget), and I jump into my already smelly clothes because by now I have learned to resign myself to packing light and smelling like a horse.
We head back to the fair and I walk through the crowds of horses and people for hours looking for those shots that will show what it’s like here. 


There are stories everywhere and although I could write a caption to go with everything my eyes are taking in, it’s hard to get a good shot in the crowds. And animals are so hard to shoot because they’re not exactly the sort to strike and hold a pose. 

By the time we finish and head back to Lucknow to catch our flight to Delhi, we are all tired but so much more alive and chatty than we were when we first arrived. That’s the thing about traveling and working in India, the spirit of the country fills you with energy in-spite of yourself - no matter how long your journey has been.





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India in October: A Travel Diary